Wednesday Musings


Today is October 23, 2013. Day three of the current Mercury Retrograde. When I got up this morning, I tried to check my email, only to find my internet was down. I made some coffee, sat back down in the living room thinking I was going to call my son. Oh! The phone is down as well. Glad I have a cell phone. I tried to call him from there, but he didn’t answer. When he finally called me back on my home phone, it was working, but his reception was bad, and we of course were disconnected. Okay Mercury, I guess I will get some reading done. I am staying close to home and committed to working on myself right now anyway.  I need to be getting some things ready for Winter weather.   I got to work doing some chores outside. This forced me to think of things.  I did a lot of thinking about relationships and communication, and how this work in our present time.

Why don’t people actually call people anymore. It’s always -“Hey, get up with me on facebook or text me. Did you get my facebook message I sent you? Did you get my text?” These are all terms I did not grow up hearing. And half the time I don’t get those messages.  So…it’s a bit frustrating, and leads me to wonder. Is technology ruining our communication skills? Are we losing our grip on social skills through facebook and cell phone use? Maybe. I’ve had friends tell me that they have actually had long term relationships with people by text only. Is that even a possibility?

Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate my friends who contact me, no matter how they choose to. I am simply expressing my distaste for social media and texting as a general form of communication. I don’t know about you, but I like to see expressions, hear the voices, and actually come in contact with my friends and loved ones. I’m afraid at some point,  two people texting each other from across the room giggling, is going to end up being the norm for communication. If you are doing that to talk bad about someone else in the room, you might want to reflect on your inner thoughts and stop that behavior immediately.

I think facebook and social media in general can also be very rough on our spiritual growth as well.  I got to the point where the first thing I did in the morning was jump on facebook to check out what everyone was doing, or share my favorite quote I found that day. I was missing out on Yoga and meditation time more and more. I noticed that it sounded like everything I  posted was bragging. It also seemed like seeing what everyone else was “bragging” about, began to make me feel a little inferior.  That got old real quick. I want to love myself. I have animals to take care of, cooking I want to do, art I want to make, and friends that I would love to spend real time with.  Now, I still spend time on facebook, but have turned off a lot of peoples updates so I can have some peace of mind. I only see and watch what I feel is feeding me spiritually. You can do that too, you know, and I highly recommend it. I spend a lot more time in the quiet. I cook more, and I play with my animals. When I do get on facebook, I try to read elephant journal or tiny Buddha, check on some friends I am close, or share a positive note or article. It’s nice to chat with people that do have positive things to say, delete or say goodbye with a button to those who bring me down. Do I feel bad saying this? No, because we all have to guard our heads and our hearts from the all and any negativity. You know that old saying – garbage in , garbage out? It’s so true. I am trying so hard to keep garbage out.

I hope you have a lovely day. After thinking about this today, I decided to make a concerted effort to be a better about this myself. I have fallen into this bad habit of texting, face-booking, etc. I want to make an effort to be better at communication. Sometimes, I think it’s just a matter of laziness on my part.

Hug someone every day.

Call someone you love , so you can actually hear each others voice.

Send  a friend or loved one a card once a week.

Hopefully this will fall into someones hands that needs it as bad I felt I needed to be reminded. What if there were no technology to communicate tomorrow? What would you do?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Musings

  1. I always feel sorry for couples I see texting or playing on their phones when they’re out to eat. The technology has completely invaded our lives. We don’t even know how to speak to each other when we’re out to eat! I remember when this used to not be the case, and this comforts me. Like you are doing, we all just need to recognize when we need to “unplug” and get real.

  2. Me too. I actually watched a couple text each other in their own house. So sad. We need to get back to real conversation. It’s scary to watch this evolution away from face to face talk.

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