Raising our Vibrations


Artwork by ~ Cameron Gray

Raise my vibrations? Sound like a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo to you? You can think that, if you choose to.  Or, you can research and study what we are consciously made up of, and choose to vibrate higher.  It’s really simple.

1. Meditate.
I use to be one of the many people that tell me, “I’ve tried, I just cannot meditate.” I use to believe that. I use to have all kind of thoughts about meditation. I can’t sit still that long. I can’t clear my mind. I don’t have time, etc. It’s a decision. We have to make a conscious decision to take time for ourselves. 10 – 15 minutes is all it takes. Here’s how I began – Guided meditations.
Not only does youtube have all these guided meditations, however, you can put your headphones on and search for binaural beats. These are also free on youtube and very effective for beginning meditation. Please do pay attention to the warnings on these. They work, and you do not need to listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.

2. Be in tune with your body.

You can meditate anytime. It’s a matter of being aware, no matter what you are doing. Listen to your thoughts and reject the negative by replacing them with positive thoughts. Feel your breath. Most of us just take it for granted that we are breathing. Next time you are upset, immediately become aware of the change in your breath. You may notice you are breathing faster, and more shallow. Or, you may be holding your breath. We do this more often than we know. Be aware of your breathing throughout the day. By changing this one habit, we are beginning our path to meditation.

3. Eat healthy

Garbage in, garbage out. This goes for your mind, and your body. Again, just by changing one habit of eating higher vibrational food, (live food, like fruits and vegetables) we change our vibration.

4. Keep positive company

Yes, who we surround ourselves with has a lot to do with our thinking. Stop gossiping, stop talking about people, and start talking about interesting things. This is easier said than done sometimes, but if we catch ourselves doing this, the best thing we can do is either change the subject nicely, or walk away. We don’t have to be mean to say no to these negative conversations. We should also watch what we talk about. repeating negative stories just for the sake of doing so, does not make for positive change. There’s always something good to discuss. It’s just about making the effort. Good luck with this one, but…we’ve got this! Just keep correcting yourself.

5. Watch what you take in.

Again, garbage in, garbage out. I cannot watch violent movies or hear stories about people being hurt in any way. Animals, children, or any human beings depicted in film being hurt, mistreated or killed on  television or in movies, is bad news for our mind. It will stick like glue, and just revisit us, whether we like it or not. It just happens that way. We can talk about television and what it does to our psyche some other time. But…yes, Turn it off whenever possible. Those commercials alone will fry your mind.

6. Love yourself.

Do something nice for yourself every day. This doesn’t make you a narcissist. This makes you mindful. Whether it’s a walk, a nap, or just some reading or quiet time. Take it. 15 minutes will do you good. If you need longer take it. Taking time for ourselves is a healthy and natural part of becoming the best person we can be.

7. Forgive.

Let go of the past hurts and forgive people who have hurt you. This doesn’t mean you have go back to hanging out with them, or allowing them back into your life. You can protect yourself, and still be nice and cordial. Sometimes people are toxic to us, no matter how many times we give them a chance. They are on their own path, and sometimes, all we can do is send them  good thoughts and walk away. Use your instincts on this. It’s an individual decision.

8. Don’t give up

Remember, you are human. Just take a deep breath, and tell yourself what this truly is. Your path. Your path and mine are not identical, nor our we spiritually in the same place,. That’s perfectly alright, and normal. Just be. Just be the best person you can be. Every day.


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