Drawing Strength

Life has many chapters and many hurdles. None of them are easy to work through, especially on knowing what we are to learn from each one. In the end, isn’t that our ultimate goal? What we take from each experience furthers our spiritual and our life growth. We may be asking ourselves that very question today. Why is this happening to me?  What is the best way for me to deal with this, and what am I supposed to take from it? Or just, a general -WHY?

We all have our own ways of dealing with life issues. Some of you may pray, meditate, exercise, or even medicate. You may go to a therapist to talk it all out, or you may use creative outlets to cope. All of these things help, and whatever works best for you is always advised.  No two people are alike in their journey. I personally use meditation, yoga, and enjoy reading and using music to soothe my hurts. I also love to work with tarot cards. I put them away for some time, but now I am once again delving into the oracles for additional guidance. I decided with both of my decks, I can pick whichever one feels like the right one for that particular day, and meditate on what I might be guided to do.

Today, I chose my Faeries Oracle, shuffled and cut my deck and chose – “Himself”.  I like to read the card, meditate on what I am picking up on from it, and then read the meaning from the oracle book. The first thing I got today from ‘Himself’ was that this had something to do with inner work, and growth.

Once inside the book, I began to read all about the meaning of this beautiful card. My own general interpretation, paired with the true meaning unfolded. I wanted to share it, and my thoughts on it. I’m sure so many of us need to be encouraged by Himself, today.

Card 17 – Himself

Natural Law. Life Force. Magic. Shamanic Power

This is a shortened version from the book, but I focused on the highlights to bring the most important topics to light.

“Himself understands the many necessary balances of nature. The living bond between all life. He is the great Father, like Earth is the great Mother. He is the energy of balance and grounding. He represents the great circle of life, and death. Beginnings, and endings. 

His energy is channeled through humans to benefit tribe, and family. His family is all of us, human and animal.  Healers channel a balance between his power, and the bright Mother’s nurturing energy. 

Even as our hearts beat within us, we learn to meditate the life force through joyful being and action. Expressing his power through healing and love and trust, we become more like Himself.

Himself speaks of protection, either of the querent, or of someone the querent owes protection to, like a child or an elder. Acceptance of paternal responsibility is important, as are deep and committed relationships. He is the preserver of the natural world and its balances.

Shamanic power may be indicated here, as well as a potential for powerful spiritual healing.

All of us have family, either chosen or by birth. We therefore always have the variety of dynamics that come with family and relationships. They come and go like the circle of life. Beginnings, and endings. Change is not only inevitable, but is always an opportunity for us to learn. To grow and choose our greater path, or to freeze ourselves in confusion, not understanding why or what we are supposed to take from each life lesson.

Today, after getting this message from my reading, I had to meet with an intake nurse for my aging and sick Mother for home healthcare. It gave me strength and patience to deal with the uncertainty, the heartbreak, and the changes that this may bring. I feel blessed to know, that no matter what happens in the future, I can draw strength from those around me that I call family. I can choose to continue to grow spiritually, whatever my beliefs may be. We can all choose to gather strength from our lessons.  We all have the same opportunities to learn from our mistakes, and observe others and learn from them as well. Hopefully, we can all become stronger and learn to not only love ourselves, but channel that love outward for universal consciousness and growth.

The last thing I wanted to share, was nowhere in the book. I picked up on it tonight as I was writing this entry. I was looking at how beautiful this card itself is. The artwork is so beautiful.  My eyes were drawn to his eyes, and how they seemed to look right through me. Then, I also noticed a crown of light on his head. I noticed his crown chakra, his third eye, and his heart chakra all glowing with pure white light. Immediately, I heard the word “awakening” pop into my head. I nearly burst into tears with happiness.  It may sound cliche, but we are in the midst of a mass awakening.  All you have to do is open your eyes, look around, and listen.  Breathe deep, and take it all in. Let the dark parts go. Keep the light glowing within. Open your heart…and GROW.

I hope you are all touched in some way by this entry. If you are, please share it with someone. You never know who you may touch with your positive light.


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