Creating a Sacred Space ~ Just for YOU


No matter what you do, or what your beliefs, it’s all about making a space where you feel peace and solitude.

Creating your own Sacred Space

All of us need free time. What I like to call – My ME time. If you aren’t taking just 15 minutes to ground and re-group your self, you are missing out. This helps you to clear your mind of the clutter of all that is outside. It brings you back in the moment, thinking of your breath, and how very precious it is. Watching it move in and out, as the birds sing outside the window, as the sunbeams dance through the blinds.

Whether it’s just to have some quiet away from the kids, during nap-time, or to just get away from it all, you can find that space to call your own. You can make it, even if it is small. You don’t need a lot of space.

I remember when I was a little girl, I use to hide in the closet and just sit there. I would think of things I wanted to do, or to get away from the noise, (which always seemed to be too much). I remember making a space in the closet. I had a blanket, my favorite toy, and maybe I would even pretend I was in a far away land, all alone. Regardless, I kept it secret, until now. I never thought much about it, until I recently made another Sacred Space. Then I remembered why I did that. That empath child needed to get away from the outside world.

Creating a sacred place can bring you much happiness. It allows us to go inside ourselves and heal. When we go inside ourselves, we connect with the Divine and ground ourselves in love, and light. We find answers to some of our deepest questions. Sometimes, we can even connect with the spirit world and find our spirit guides wanting to guide us in our darkest times.

You might be thinking – “I don’t have room for a sacred space.” Yes, you do. It can be as simple as a closet space, or a table in front of a south facing window, such as the one I have above. I decided that I would sit at this table during hectic times and light candles, light sage, mediate, do some inner reflections, or just do yoga in front of it. I chose to put anything sacred to ME on my table. I have all my crystals and stones, my sage, and some things I found while hiking. They are all special to me. I also have my Buddhas, and my three legged Feng Shui Money Frog. I also have a genuine peace pipe, with sage in it to keep the negativity away, given to me by my Native American father in law.

I feel so peaceful as I sit in front of this little space I created for me. It’s a simple, but beautiful thing to do for yourself. Even looking at it brings me peace and happiness. Burning incense, saging, and taking that 15 minutes to meditate. Do you meditate? If not, try looking for guided meditations online. Youtube has many. Find what is right for you. No matter what you’re doing, it makes your spiritual time more beautiful.

Take this time for you. It’s just 15 minutes, but you will see. This is for YOU. Take this gift and open it up. Awaken to yourself and your inner peace. It’s just a few moments away.


Esoteric Emma