941851_715113298500651_130056880_n(1)Hello, thanks so much for coming to visit. Let me introduce myself -I  am an Intuitive Empath, and a Psychic Bliss-Worker, and Sound Therapist, living in Southern Indiana.

Throughout my life, I have had very vivid dreams. Many that came to fruition. As a child, I had already discovered the gift of discernment, and have been feeling the vibrations of humans as well as the many spirits that I have encountered along the way. This has lead me to feel when their vibrations were positive, or not.  At first I did not understand why this was happening or what this was all about, and even thought it to be a curse. Now, I have discovered it’s worth, and put it to use in assisting others.
Being in my fifties now has given me a lot of life experiences, and I am still learning and applying them every day.  I find that, the older I get, the happier I get. I want to share this happiness with others. One of my closest friends called my home “Casa Bliss”, and a week later, another close friend called me a bliss-worker. I know now, that I am simply here to help others find their own bliss. So here I am; hoping to spread and create bliss wherever I may go.

I also love to be outdoors in my garden, hiking in the woods, camping, or just spending time alone meditating, creating art, or spending time with my sweet animals.These things all help me personally to get the noise out of my head. I am also a practicing sound and music therapist, and use this energy modality along with my bliss-work. Music and sound are very important in healing our minds and bodies.

I hope you will find some healing and love here, and apply it to your life in order to find YOUR  bliss.




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