Get Back On Track and Breathe


Relax and breathe

Focus, and the breath kept coming up this morning. It’s easy to see why, when all morning there were also signs of low vibrations in all conversations. The connections we have, the way we humans think. It all causes a reaction. A chain of reactions, that most of the time we aren’t even aware of.

Where do focus and the breath come together? Let’s take a look and see.

An observation of conversations from the last few weeks and days has led to an unsettling amount of chaos amongst quite a few people in this circle of friends and loved ones. People make statements claiming something, then turn around and say the complete opposite, and do things that make those observing, just shake their heads, question their validity as a teacher or expert in their field, and maybe even walk away. Especially when it comes to business. We must be consistent in our focus and in our goals. When you are all over the place and chaotic, it’s hard for others to take you seriously. And yes, we need to be taken seriously. Life is serious business.

As a former successful business owner for seven years, it’s easy to see how people get easily distracted by their competitors, their failures, and other things that come up everyday, and lose their focus. This is no different in our spiritual life. We see someone doing better than us, and maybe working with other folks when they said they wanted to work with us. Or maybe we think they are more spiritual than we are. Maybe they are working with other people, or, they seem like they may be too busy to chat with us. Well, they are focusing on their own path and journey. It really doesn’t matter, and that shouldn’t be our focus. The universe wants us all to be successful, so no need to get bent out of shape. How can you stay on track and stay focused?

Build a Vision Board – This can be as big or as small as you want it to be. You can cut out or draw pictures of your dreams and inspirations, write down your ultimate goals and display it where you will see it everyday to stay focused

1. Choose specific goals and stick to them – These might be spiritual, financial; or maybe health related, learning a new language or a specific trade or other new skill. It can be anything. Never limit yourself. You’ve got this! Now take a deep breath. I mean literally speaking. Take a deeep breath.

2.  Make it your own – Find pictures of things associated with your goals. If you are wanting to manifest something, find a photo associated with that particular goal or thing and place it on your board. Write your goals next to the photos. You can always do a Google search on vision boards and take ideas from others. This will help you to build your board specific to your goals, but also allow you to brainstorm on some of your own. Take another deep breath.

3.  Keep it positive – Make sure you use positive pictures and words to put on your board and look at it everyday, with those words in mind. Examples are – growth, successful, happy, inspire, healthy, joy, peaceful, etc. Are you ready? Take another deep breath.

4.  Stay focused on you. When you compare yourself with others, that is when you lose your true focus. This isn’t about how much others are doing and where they are in comparison to you. You are the focus. This is about you, and when you start to compare, you forget your ultimate goals. Again…take a deep breath.

5.  Look at your board everyday. Make sure you keep those things as your focus and stay on track. Stay on the path to the goals you made, and remember to update the details to get to those ultimate goals. This board is your plan to reach them, so the more you look at it, the more you will find ways to reach those specific goals. Yes…let’s do it again. Take that breath.

6.  Be happy where you are right now. Take a deep breath every chance you get, and make that a goal as well. We humans breath approximately 1200 to 1700 breaths a day, however, we take that for granted, and we also hold our breath a lot. Focus on the breath today as well. This is the most important focus. You might want to find the word breath or breathe and put it on your board. It will keep you aware and focused as well, and can be a reminder that we do take advantage of the breath, and when we think about this, we realize how carried away and anxious we allow ourselves to become over things we have zero control over.

Now go, and have a lovely weekend.

Happy Deep Breathing!

Love and Light,



Change Your Language, Change Your Life


Today was a much-needed day of accomplishment. All this hard work and stress is finally turning into something more pleasant and fulfilling. The list of things to do to help Mom become more independent have dwindled down, and have also been lessons on how wonderful life can truly be. Apparently, it’s all in the way we look at things.

Not too long ago, the subject of the way we look at things came up during conversation with my husband. His views on life are very interesting and intelligent to say the least. He goes to a certain music forum almost everyday to read others posts, and observe and take in their stories. On this particular evening, we were discussing something about our attitudes on life and how we look at our daily activities.
The mention of some not so great tasks came up, and he brought up ‘Pronoia’, which had recently been read about, and even conversed with someone about other than him.  Someone in the forum he visits, was posting about this book and talking about our language, and the way we perceive and discuss our daily activities. Complaints were being made about some activities concerning a not so desired task at hand for that day.  What was discussed is how we say things like – “I have to go do the laundry.” vs, “I get to go do laundry.” Now this may seem silly or trivial, however, hold this thought for a few minutes.  How often do we think about how we use our minds, and our speech to make life more difficult? Do we even give it a thought?


Now, keeping this in mind, let’s go on. As a guest on a friend’s webcam show recently, we were discussing Eckhart Tolle and his book,  ‘A New Earth’, which happens to be my favorite book. I was asked to read something from the book, and this is what came up when opening the book –  CONTENT AND STRUCTURE OF THE EGO:  “The egoic mind is completely conditioned by the past. Its conditioning is twofold: It consists of content and structure. In the case of a child who cries in deep suffering because his toy has been taken away, the toy represents content. It is interchangeable with any other content, any other toy or object. The content you identify with is conditioned by your environment, your upbringing, and surrounding culture. Whether the child is rich or poor, whether the toy is a piece of wood shaped like an animal or a sophisticated electronic gadget makes no difference as far as the suffering caused by its loss is concerned. The reason why such acute suffering occurs is concealed in the word “my,”and it is structural. The unconscious compulsion to enhance one’s identity through association with an object is built into the very structure of the egoic mind. One of the most basic mind structures through which the ego comes into existence is identification. The word “identification” is derived from the Latin word idem, meaning “same” and facere , which means “to make.” So when I identify with something, I “make it the same.” The same as what? The same as I.  I endow it with a sense of self, and so it becomes part of my “identity.” One of the most basic levels of identification is with things: My toy later becomes my car, my house, my clothes, and so on. I try to find myself in things but never quite make it and end up losing myself in them. That is the fate of the ego.”

Another guest on the show mentioned that we should try to spend “one day” without uttering the words I, me, my, and mine, in all communications. This was very powerful, and we all agreed we would try that.  Here we are, four days later. Not only is it hard to think about how I “get” to do things vs I “have” to do things, but trying to express yourself without saying any of these words in conversation is extremely complicated, and almost impossible. Writing like this, is much easier than letting our language flow without any of these things coming out of your mouth.  So… the journey continues. Not only does it continue, but it now got much more complicated and much harder.  But we’ve got this, if we push through it.

Going to Mom’s to clean, do laundry and be around her as she is in her stage of life she is in, is usually hard. Yesterday, it was “getting” to go to her house, and keeping in mind that we are both still here on this earth, and able to enjoy life. The concept here is to understand that we are here with everyday tasks that we can either choose to enjoy, or begrudgingly just “get through”.  It actually worked, and we had a wonderful day. This will be the mantra from now on.  It just has to be placed in the brain as a reminder during meditation. Well, actually…constantly.

As for using none of these words in our speech. Still working on this one. Posting on social media, keeping this in mind is hard. Writing this blog just got more complicated. Now, try doing this while you speak with others. It’s really, really, NOT easy at all.  We are complicated beings. More so than we ever think about.  More so than we ever care to practice.

Thank you Eckhart Tolle for your insight. Still working on this, and forever will be. Rob Breszny, your book will be read shortly. Already discovered your website.

So much reading, and so much to learn. We “get” to do this though, but only if we choose to.



Creating a Sacred Space ~ Just for YOU


No matter what you do, or what your beliefs, it’s all about making a space where you feel peace and solitude.

Creating your own Sacred Space

All of us need free time. What I like to call – My ME time. If you aren’t taking just 15 minutes to ground and re-group your self, you are missing out. This helps you to clear your mind of the clutter of all that is outside. It brings you back in the moment, thinking of your breath, and how very precious it is. Watching it move in and out, as the birds sing outside the window, as the sunbeams dance through the blinds.

Whether it’s just to have some quiet away from the kids, during nap-time, or to just get away from it all, you can find that space to call your own. You can make it, even if it is small. You don’t need a lot of space.

I remember when I was a little girl, I use to hide in the closet and just sit there. I would think of things I wanted to do, or to get away from the noise, (which always seemed to be too much). I remember making a space in the closet. I had a blanket, my favorite toy, and maybe I would even pretend I was in a far away land, all alone. Regardless, I kept it secret, until now. I never thought much about it, until I recently made another Sacred Space. Then I remembered why I did that. That empath child needed to get away from the outside world.

Creating a sacred place can bring you much happiness. It allows us to go inside ourselves and heal. When we go inside ourselves, we connect with the Divine and ground ourselves in love, and light. We find answers to some of our deepest questions. Sometimes, we can even connect with the spirit world and find our spirit guides wanting to guide us in our darkest times.

You might be thinking – “I don’t have room for a sacred space.” Yes, you do. It can be as simple as a closet space, or a table in front of a south facing window, such as the one I have above. I decided that I would sit at this table during hectic times and light candles, light sage, mediate, do some inner reflections, or just do yoga in front of it. I chose to put anything sacred to ME on my table. I have all my crystals and stones, my sage, and some things I found while hiking. They are all special to me. I also have my Buddhas, and my three legged Feng Shui Money Frog. I also have a genuine peace pipe, with sage in it to keep the negativity away, given to me by my Native American father in law.

I feel so peaceful as I sit in front of this little space I created for me. It’s a simple, but beautiful thing to do for yourself. Even looking at it brings me peace and happiness. Burning incense, saging, and taking that 15 minutes to meditate. Do you meditate? If not, try looking for guided meditations online. Youtube has many. Find what is right for you. No matter what you’re doing, it makes your spiritual time more beautiful.

Take this time for you. It’s just 15 minutes, but you will see. This is for YOU. Take this gift and open it up. Awaken to yourself and your inner peace. It’s just a few moments away.


Esoteric Emma

Blissful Holidays to You


It’s Tuesday evening at Casa Bliss and I am sitting here in the silence. I can hear the humming of my computer, the wind chimes blowing on the porch outside, and my dog giving the occasional sigh in the next room. After spending 45 minutes at the grocery store this afternoon, I am so happy to be here in the silence. No radio, no television, no one. Complete silence and peace.

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us, and we all have thoughts about what to give those we love for the holiday. Well first let’s talk about you. What about You? What are you doing for you this year? I’m not talking about buying yourself a gift. I am asking what you are going to do about your heart, your mind, and making your own personal bliss.

With the bustling and noise of the holidays happening all around us, we can make this time more relaxing and less about giving things, and more about giving our love. When we truly look inside and reflect on what makes us more relaxed and healthy, we are more in tune with those around us and can begin to share those same feelings with them.

Our heart Chakra is the space we store unconditional love, emotions and hurts. Sometimes, when we have been hurt, it becomes blocked. We need to go inside there and pull those hurts out and let them go. The heart Chakra is green, so here is a  meditation for you to being each day beginning today. If you find it hard to do this sitting still, just come back to this; even while you are with family or out shopping and you feel overwhelmed. find a quiet space, if even for a moment. Give it a try.

Sit comfortably on a chair or cushion. Make sure your spine is straight, yet relax your shoulders and keep your chest opened outward. Put you right hand over your heart and leave your other hand open and face up, relaxed on your left knee.   Be aware of your body and make sure you are completely relaxed.  Take a deep breath-in through your nose, out through your nose. Imagine a beautiful bright green light flowing out from your heart, expanding it as you breathe out, imagine making it bigger with each breath you take, and let any negative feelings for anyone you may have, go out with each breath. Let them go.  Now feel your heart beat, and feel the warmth and love beginning to grow there with each breath.  Give yourself all the love you need to fill you up with bliss. Breathe love and forgiveness in, let negativity go with each breath out. Keep your eyes closed and surround yourself with this beautiful green light full of love, forgiveness and bliss. Open your heart. Do this however long you need to, whenever you can.

Some of you may feel as though this is too hard for you, but you can do this anywhere, even with your eyes open. Just breathe. It all starts with your breath and the awareness of that breath.  This is just one of many different ways you can learn to meditate. But it’s a great start, and you will feel better, even if you begin with 30 seconds and work your way up.

Now, you can sit down and make a list of things you can make, do, find, and give for the holidays.  You can always start by recognizing Buy Nothing Day, and then follow up with Small Business Saturday.

If you are going to shop, by all means….shop mindfully. Safe and Blissful Holidays to all of YOU.

Social Media and Spiritual Life


“Social Media can be very disconcerting for those of us who are trying to wake up and seek a higher existence.”

This is the very reason for my frustration with social media as of late. The above statement, could, believe it or not,  bring up anger, resentment, jealousy, and all kinds of feelings for some. They may look into a statement as being smug or thinking this means we think we may be  better than others. Not at all. We are simply striving to be the best person we can be. But some may read into our words, thinking we are saying something we are not.

We all read things differently when they are typed or written than we do in person. Of course! If you are unable to see someone’s expressions and body language, this false perception based on our mood or how we might perceive it, can stir up unpleasant feelings for some who are already feeling down. Sad, but so true. I have seen this happen all too often. With this being a component of the social media conversation, we really have a hard time being mindful of our posts, which I am beginning to see causing a plethora of miscommunications between  a lot of us. We have to find a way to make this work. We are inevitably evolving in our technological communications.

So, how do we protect ourselves from these feelings and issues without seemingly coming off as snobby or careless, or unloving? It’s very hard as spiritual beings to decide how to do this. Of course, there’s also this -Not everyone wants to be a spiritual being. Not everyone wants to hear about spirituality or what others have to say about it.

There is also the aspect of reassuring our personal space. Most of us like to keep our personal life just that – personal. If you look at your friends list right now, you may, like me, have thousands of friends on your social media whom you don’t know very well. Some, you have had conversations with in real life. Others, you haven’t even met, so you less than likely have any personal interaction with them. Believe it or not, you may be safer with them. It all depends on your personal history with each person, and how and why you choose a particular form of social media for communicating.

I am not a person who will share my most personal information with others, (especially my relationship) unless I find it to be spiritually uplifting, or a lesson I may have taken from a current situation, that could assist others going through something similar.  Others like to let it all hang out, and that is okay, again – it’s your personal choice to do so.

What if you are an empath, clairvoyant, psychic, or clairaudient, and you feel overwhelmed by the chatter? You just know from your feelings that something isn’t safe for you, or for others. Then don’t open that can of worms. Listen to your intuition.

So let’s look at this and deconstruct it to suit our individual needs.

There are many ways we can go about making your social media space safe and healthy for us.

1.)  When you have 2,000+ friends, you can always take the time to delete some of them. Some people may get hurt by this, and if they do, simply explain that it isn’t personal, but if they never hit ‘like’ or converse with you, what’s the reason you may be friends on social media and not in real life? Social media isn’t real life.  You know who you interact with on a regular basis, so that’s how to gauge it. If someone asks to be back in your facebook friends, give it another try. Maybe they look to you for guidance or positive input. That’s what we want, is to help others who may need it.

2.)  There is a button you can click on before you make a post on facebook that allows who can see your post. You can even make certain lists and categories to put people in. e.g. -If you like to debate politics, and you know of others that can civilly debate as well, only post for them. It’s okay to place boundaries for yourself and make them for others who aren’t into certain conversations. There’s a reason it’s set up this way. We need to go with the changes and learn to utilize this particular option.

3.)  Don’t post something if you tried once and it didn’t post. That’s pretty much a sign you shouldn’t post it. Take my word on this. It’s a fact. As fate would have it, it usually means something.

4.)  If it isn’t appropriate conversation for everyone, you know who can handle it, or not; keep it between you in chat, unless you just don’t care who might be watching. Think of your family and your career choices for the future. That’s a fact as well. You never know who might be watching. If you don’t care, no sweat. On with the ruckus! But remember who might see it, and remember, if you are a light-worker, you are an example to others.

5.) Don’t discuss things that may cause drama, in any sense. If you think your post may stir up an argument, don’t post it.  Sometimes it’s best to use private message, or chat, or just make a phone call and talk to a close friend. Pay attention to your gut feelings here. It’s best to be as mindful as possible.

6.)  You can un-follow conversations, and people. You don’t have to keep them in your feed. Hover over the arrow to the right of their post,  hit hide all of their posts. It may take a while to do this, but you will feel better when you organize it a bit better. You don’t have to unfriend everyone just to stop seeing their posts. You can un-follow individual posts as well. It just depends. Remember, this is your page.

7.)  Take a break from social media, or limit your time there. This can make a huge difference in your life and head-space. Once you are away for a few days, you realize you need less time there. unless it’s part of your job.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, to be the best person YOU can be and keep the chatter to a minimum. It will make you feel a lot better to know your way around and keep it a safe and happy virtual space for everyone.

Have a happy virtual space day.


Raising our Vibrations


Artwork by ~ Cameron Gray

Raise my vibrations? Sound like a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo to you? You can think that, if you choose to.  Or, you can research and study what we are consciously made up of, and choose to vibrate higher.  It’s really simple.

1. Meditate.
I use to be one of the many people that tell me, “I’ve tried, I just cannot meditate.” I use to believe that. I use to have all kind of thoughts about meditation. I can’t sit still that long. I can’t clear my mind. I don’t have time, etc. It’s a decision. We have to make a conscious decision to take time for ourselves. 10 – 15 minutes is all it takes. Here’s how I began – Guided meditations.
Not only does youtube have all these guided meditations, however, you can put your headphones on and search for binaural beats. These are also free on youtube and very effective for beginning meditation. Please do pay attention to the warnings on these. They work, and you do not need to listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.

2. Be in tune with your body.

You can meditate anytime. It’s a matter of being aware, no matter what you are doing. Listen to your thoughts and reject the negative by replacing them with positive thoughts. Feel your breath. Most of us just take it for granted that we are breathing. Next time you are upset, immediately become aware of the change in your breath. You may notice you are breathing faster, and more shallow. Or, you may be holding your breath. We do this more often than we know. Be aware of your breathing throughout the day. By changing this one habit, we are beginning our path to meditation.

3. Eat healthy

Garbage in, garbage out. This goes for your mind, and your body. Again, just by changing one habit of eating higher vibrational food, (live food, like fruits and vegetables) we change our vibration.

4. Keep positive company

Yes, who we surround ourselves with has a lot to do with our thinking. Stop gossiping, stop talking about people, and start talking about interesting things. This is easier said than done sometimes, but if we catch ourselves doing this, the best thing we can do is either change the subject nicely, or walk away. We don’t have to be mean to say no to these negative conversations. We should also watch what we talk about. repeating negative stories just for the sake of doing so, does not make for positive change. There’s always something good to discuss. It’s just about making the effort. Good luck with this one, but…we’ve got this! Just keep correcting yourself.

5. Watch what you take in.

Again, garbage in, garbage out. I cannot watch violent movies or hear stories about people being hurt in any way. Animals, children, or any human beings depicted in film being hurt, mistreated or killed on  television or in movies, is bad news for our mind. It will stick like glue, and just revisit us, whether we like it or not. It just happens that way. We can talk about television and what it does to our psyche some other time. But…yes, Turn it off whenever possible. Those commercials alone will fry your mind.

6. Love yourself.

Do something nice for yourself every day. This doesn’t make you a narcissist. This makes you mindful. Whether it’s a walk, a nap, or just some reading or quiet time. Take it. 15 minutes will do you good. If you need longer take it. Taking time for ourselves is a healthy and natural part of becoming the best person we can be.

7. Forgive.

Let go of the past hurts and forgive people who have hurt you. This doesn’t mean you have go back to hanging out with them, or allowing them back into your life. You can protect yourself, and still be nice and cordial. Sometimes people are toxic to us, no matter how many times we give them a chance. They are on their own path, and sometimes, all we can do is send them  good thoughts and walk away. Use your instincts on this. It’s an individual decision.

8. Don’t give up

Remember, you are human. Just take a deep breath, and tell yourself what this truly is. Your path. Your path and mine are not identical, nor our we spiritually in the same place,. That’s perfectly alright, and normal. Just be. Just be the best person you can be. Every day.

Creating Healthy Boundaries and Protecting YOU.


Lately, I have been hearing, and even seeing it all around me. People feeling like they are being walked on, treated badly, and even berated by others. Sometimes by people they trust and love. They feel like they cannot say no, they cannot walk away. They are stuck. Whether it be on facebook, emails, or real life, this isn’t something you have to accept.  YOU can change things.

We live in a society where we are raised among a plethora of different beliefs. Upbringings by parents from different cultures, different religions, and even mentally ill and abusive family situations. These all affect and mold who we are and how we react to negative treatment from friends, co-workers, even loved ones. Psychologists call this “learned behavior”.

No matter who these people are, you have a right to stand up for yourself. You have a right to walk away. This doesn’t mean you have to scream, yell, fight, or argue. This doesn’t mean you have to smile and stick around. These are all part of your learned behavior as an abused/neglected individual. You have choices. I came from a background of abuse, neglect, and even kidnapping and assault by a stranger. For the longest time in my life, I had accepted that I was a victim. I had no idea that I could create boundaries, and walk away. I was finally told by a kind social worker, the truth about creating boundaries. I thought this was the norm. Boy, was I wrong! Thank goodness for people that care. After years of abuse, I slowly unlearned these behaviors.

Sometimes it’s hard to say no, or leave a person we love, or think we love. Maybe we are just scared, or feel like this is comfortable, or we too feel as though we are just stuck being victims.  Especially when this is what we are used to as children, and into adulthood. We have to be the ones to stop the abuse. You are no longer a child of abuse, neglect or shame. Once you reach adulthood, you have choices. This means protecting that child inside. Your inner child. Sometimes he/she is still there, telling you that you are helpless, and that you don’t deserve all the love you really do. All of us do! That is your birthright on this earth.

You may be asking…how do I do this? It’s not that simple at first, but you must love yourself enough to start by saying no. This doesn’t make you a bad or mean person. It makes you a stronger person each time you take a stand for yourself. You have to love yourself, and this is the beginning. You also have to take time for yourself. This could mean telling a spouse or a friend you need some YOU time. We all need quiet time to think and reflect on our day. This could mean taking a walk, sitting and reading, or just getting out of the house by yourself to figure it out. It could unfortunately also be more extreme, such as completely cutting these people out of your life. I know that sucks, but it may be the healthiest thing you can do.
Sometimes we feel guilt for these actions. If we come from situations of any form of abuse or neglect, we can feel this guilt. That’s not yours either. That belongs to that inner child; and he, or she is now an adult. That adult is no longer stuck being abused. He or she has choices. We don’t have to sit in the corner, be beaten, berated, feel guilty, or taken advantage of. Taking control and saying no to any form of neglect, or abuse is the first step. You may need to walk away from friendships or relationships where you feel used, neglected, or talked down to. You may need to tell your life partner these things, and that is very, very hard. Especially when you have your own children to think about. It’s not easy and always scary, but it’s all about healing ourselves, and finding people who accept us and love us for who we are. This is all about breaking cycles as well.   Breaking these cycles is also vital to our children and their future relationships.

Remember, these toxic abusers will try to guilt you or shame you, and turn it around. They will make you seem like you are the one treating them bad for loving yourself. You have to remember to take that quiet time in order to sort this out. You will know inside whether this is a truth or not. Believe in your instincts. Go with your gut. You know if this is wrong or not. We all do.

I may not have a degree in social work or psychology, but I have lived through this, and come out a happier human being.  I have finally come out of it in peace. I have a loving and supportive husband. A healthy relationship with my son, and now, with my family. I walk away from arguments. I keep my opinions to myself unless asked by my own adult son. I understand what I need to say no to, in order to make me a happy, healthy human being. I no longer feel guilt for loving myself. I am now on the path to a fuller spiritual life as well. It’s not just the healthy thing to do; and that little girl in there…she deserves it. So do I. So do YOU.


Finding the Path


Sometimes you find a new path in life that never expected to take. It can really freak you out sometimes. You don’t ask for it, you don’t even want it. You want something else, and you chase it. It runs from you. You are heartbroken. You give up and ask for guidance. And then…something beautiful happens.

Ever since I was a young child, I knew I was strange. Kids made fun of me, my teachers said I talked too much in school, and I was overly emotional about things. Particularly animals. Especially if they were orphaned, homeless, or sick. I would bring them home, full of mange, or fleas and beg my Mother to let me keep them. I would cry for hours when she would say no. This led me to have many short term, and a couple of great long term pets. I was like this with friends too. Humans are different. A lot of times I ended up hurt and friendless. It was confusing and very hard at times. It still can be.

I have always been sensitive to people and places. I can still walk in a room and feel spirits, vibrations, tension, or love. For the longest time, I also saw spirits, heard them speak to me, and repeated their chatter for some time as a paid psychic medium. One day back in 1998, I heard from a spirit who had been murdered. I knew of this person, but did not know her, or know anyone who knew her. She had disappeared years before. Her body was never found. The chain of events leading me to this were very frightening for me. She wanted me to contact her Mother, and tell her everything that her murderer had done. It was much too gruesome for me to deal with. I decided it was best to turn off my abilities. So…I did. My husband didn’t believe in this strangeness at first. He came to believe that I wasn’t crazy. He supported my strange experiences because he witnessed some of them being confirmed by others. Thank goodness I didn’t lose him in the process of all that.

For some time I went without allowing any of the spirit entities to speak to me. I still have a problem with ever doing any of this work again. The dead are better left to keep silent. It dredges up things that I myself feel should be left alone. And, there could be spirits that trick us and I truly believe this is just not kosher. For myself, or anyone else. Laugh if you will, but things can get dark. I am not alone in these experiences. There are many who have had them. We just keep our mouths shut because of the reactions we get.

Now, there are some things I chose not to turn off. I just didn’t know what they were. I recently found out names for these gifts. I am a total empath, and an intuitive. We are all this way, but most people choose to ignore it, or don’t have their third eye open, so they don’t know.  I’ve accepted this, and have been delving into how to live with it.

What is an empath?  This will explain it much better than I can.

I recently connected with a very dear friend whom I had lost touch with. He is also an empath, intuitive and psychic. We have had a great time reconnecting, sharing, and encouraging one another to discover where we belong in this world. Why we have these gifts, and what we are to do with them. We are very misunderstood in this world. It makes life hard sometimes. People make fun of you. They think being psychic means you are like those fake people on television, and that we should know the answer to everything. That’s not how this works. We take what we are given and listen. We take action and move forward with what we have, to help others and ourselves spiritually grow. Now I am not talking about a religion. There is a huge difference in religion and spirituality. I don’t subscribe to one religion. I do believe we are governed by the universe, and many things around us. But that is another conversation. I just wanted to make that clear.

This all leads me to my latest experience. I woke up Thursday morning (Oct. 24, 2013) feeling horrible. I felt alone, sad, frustrated, and confused. Mercury Retrograde began Monday, so I was already aware that this was going to happen, but it was specifically about my abilities. I was having a hard time tuning the negativity out, and I ended up meditating longer and doing some Yoga. I spoke to my online friends about what I was feeling. I got many loving responses from other empaths and intuitives. I was having trouble getting my messages from the spirits. I wanted to let the positive ones back in (spirit guides etc.) and learn how to listen. It wasn’t coming. I had been struggling for weeks now. I had only a couple of messages from my main spirit guide – Falcon. That’s a whole story in itself as well.  Another entry.

I was talking to my friend on facebook, and  he said something about being a cat sometimes. I said – “I’m always a bird.”  When I said that, spirit allowed me to hear Nelly Furtado’s song ‘I’m like a bird’ pop into my head immediately. I looked up the lyrics and began to cry. This was the first sign. Finally, I was getting somewhere.

After that first sign, my dear psychic friend called me. His timing is always impeccable.  We were talking and I picked up the mail from outside. I saw a magazine from a Fraternity. WTF? Why did I get this? It’s from Carmel Indiana? I have NO clue why I would even have gotten this. Alpha Sigma Phi? Strange. I threw it down and forgot about it. I went through my day waiting for signs about how I would be getting information. Nothing more.

I then went to an empath community forum I had recently joined. I was doing some reading to prepare myself for how to deal with my new found abilities. I came upon ‘The Book of Storms’. This is a lesson on how to develop my abilities further, and I began to read the chapter on “dreamtongue”. Here it comes! It’s based on the Greek alphabet. How often does that come up? Thank you!  The fraternity magazine! Whoa! Another sign. I’ll take that.  I have to. There is no other explanation.

My hubby came home and immediately announced he wanted to watch a movie. I said nothing to him about my strange day, or any of these signs. I didn’t want to talk about it.  I just wanted to relax.  I agreed we should watch a movie later. We ate dinner and settled in to do just that. My hubby has a propensity for dark humor and movies. He wanted to watch a movie about the Holocaust. I immediately grabbed the remote.
Me – “That’s just not gonna cut it tonight. I have had a very strange day, and I can’t do Hitler tonight.”
Him -“You pick something then. I’m cool with that. I just don’t really want to watch a documentary.”
I scanned through Netflix looking for a comedy, or something light and positive that wasn’t a documentary. I landed on a movie called ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’. “This looks good.”  I said. I had never heard of this movie, nor did it give any kind of description leading to what it was really all about.  So we began to watch. As we watched, I began to tear up. The movie was all about allowing the signs around you to speak to you, and lead you where you are supposed to go. The whole time, the main character in the movie was suffering confusion about life.  His family and all the people around him were making fun of him. He continued on, not letting it phase him. By the end of the movie, the message couldn’t have been clearer. I refuse to reveal spoilers here. You just have to watch it. This one thing, at my husbands suggestion, had opened my eyes.  The signs are everywhere. You just have to go with your gut. Don’t be afraid to listen or see. How could it be? It just is. I shared it with him. Of course he was silent at first, and then encouraged me to review everything and make sure I wasn’t going by coincidence. I explained. He agreed it was strange. The video – Cool! The magazine – No explanation whatsoever; but the movie, yeah, the movie was dead on yelling at me. See the signs! Pay attention to what is going on around you. We are all here to guide you.

Now I know. Now I see. I even got other messages that evening. And they keep coming.  Subtle messages sometimes, and sometimes strong ones, but I’ll take them. I’ll go with them. I’m not crazy! I am an intuitive, psychic. An empath.  A Blissworker. I know why I am here now, and what my path is.  This is why I have to leave places sometimes. This is why I feel dark vibrations and good vibrations, Love, hate, all of them affect me in a strong sense. The only way I can explain this, is to say that sorting them out, is like hearing  a multitude of radio stations at once. I have to find the ones I like and tune out the others. It’s not so easy to do. If you have these gifts, you know exactly what I mean. Meditation is a constant need. Peace and silence are what we seek.  It’s all coming together now., and I want to use it to help others. I just have to continue to sort it all out and learn how. It’s coming. I’ll let it flow. Just be patient with me. I hope you understand. I hope you will still want to talk to me, and be my friend.

I love you all, and yes… I finally love myself. This is just the beginning of my new path. We are all on our own. I hope you look for yours, and you listen to the signs, and find your path. It’s out there, and it’s beautiful once you find it.  Don’t be afraid. All the right people will accept you. All the wrong ones will leave your life. It’s okay.  You are on your own path.