Bath Salt Ritual – For Clearing

Woman Resting in Bath

Some of us need rituals, and some of us don’t.  When it comes to spiritual life, we are sometimes truly interested in having and making our own rituals. We as empaths need and love to make certain that we do some things to stay grounded, clear ourselves of negativity, and especially take time to recharge.

Every month, one day a month,  take a day, all to yourself.  You can call this day ‘Pamper Yourself’ day(which is my choice of names), or if you prefer, make your own preferred name for your day.  On this day, turn your phone off,  stay offline, take some time to do whatever you want, without any disruptions. Every other month I get my hair done. Thankfully I am blessed to have a husband who encourages this, and so I can afford to have someone else do so. For this I am truly so grateful. I’m an Aries, and as some of you may already know, we love to have nice hair. It’s all about our heads. That’s just my one luxury I afford myself, so it’s kind of fun for me.

Now, this can be anything you want it to be. In the past I have given myself a pedicure and a manicure, I have slept until noon and then allowed myself to be lazy all day and do nothing. Sometimes it’s a hike in the woods and ‘play’ day with a friend. It’s YOUR day, if you make it so. Do whatever YOU choose to do. Take time to sit down and make a list of all the fun things you love to do for fun and relaxation? Set one day a month, every month, and Just DO IT.

Today was my day, so after buying myself a nice salad for lunch and getting my hair done, I decided to come home and add a ritual bath to my day. I had been getting messages from my spirit guides about salt baths for clearing the last couple of weeks.  I also saw one of my facebook friends post about taking a eucalyptus sea salt bath just the other day as well ( Thanks Ashley!); so, I saw some dead sea bath salts with eucalyptus yesterday at the store, and I swooped them up and got my mind set to do it. While getting my hair done today, I did some meditating during the color process. It popped into my head to look up eucalyptus and find out the essential oil healing properties. Clearing and expelling. Great! I am so ready, and apparently those spirit guides know what they are telling us.

We all need to clear and release any toxins, energy stuck in our auras and our minds, and just clear our thoughts and recharge. So, here’s a great eucalyptus bath salt ritual for when you are feeling out of sorts and need to clear. Remember to LOVE. YOUR. SELF as much as possible. This will help you to be loving to others, not just yourself.

Clearing Bath Salts Ritual

What you need:

Bath Salts – 1 Cup Epsom Salts or Dead Sea Salt

Eucalyptus – I bought my bath salts with Eucalyptus already in them, but you can use essential oil as well. Or both.

Candle or Candles – I use these for both spiritual and relaxation reasons. I also chose white for this particular ritual – You can choose any color that suits your need for your rituals. White is good for clearing negativity, cleansing, protection, peace and comfort and enhancing spirituality.   Here’s a very helpful website to find out more about colors of candles and their specific uses.


So here we go.

The first thing I do, is turn on the Native American Prayer station on Pandora. I think it’s actually called American Native Prayer, but…you can use whatever music that you feel is sacred or relaxing for YOU. I always play this while saging. Hearing that beautiful and sacred prayerful music, always means that my home is being blessed by those warriors who have gone to the other side. It’s so healing. Leave that music on a level that you can hear in the bathroom, or just sit in the stillness. This is YOUR ritual.

Anytime you choose to clear negativity, you should sage your whole home. You can begin in the east end and move around the entire home going room to room. You can say whatever feels good to you. My words during this particular ritual were – ” Bless this house. Remove all negativity from it. Bless this house with Love, Happiness and Prosperity.”  I repeat this mantra over and over during the entire process. When you finally reach the door,  sage yourself,  and  visualize all darkness leaving you.  Then, turn to the door,  repeat your mantra one more time, breathing in light, and breathing out all darkness and negativity. Open the door and make a sweeping motion outward while breathing out and visualizing all negativity leaving my home.

Now, wash out your tub with vinegar and baking soda, rinse it out and run your hot water to a comfortable temperature. Light your candles, pour in your salts,  and get in the tub.  Take in the warmth, and the beautiful scent of the eucalyptus. Take several more deep breaths and settle in. Visualize the bath water enveloping you and clearing all your negativity.  Picture yourself whole and energized, and concentrate on filling yourself with white light.  Sit for as long as you wish, repeating these thoughts.

Once you are finished, you will feel lighter, more energized and renewed.

I hope you enjoy this ritual as much as I do. Have a wonderful time making this YOURS. You are SPECIAL and YOU are LOVED.

Love and light to you all,



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